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Welcome to madman.dk's Pilot Education.

Pilot Education is divided into three parts. The Prior Starting part, The Education part and finally some Job descriptions and useful Tools.

Pilot Education covers in general descriptions the European JAA and the American FAA commercial pilot educations. This website is mainly targeted for upcoming helicopter pilots with no prior knowledge of aviation.

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Prior starting my pilot education, I found it hard to get an overall impression of what the education was all about and what working as a pilot would be like. Therefore, I made this section about pilot education.


Bombers Bell 212 Fire Fighter

Many people in this business will give you much advice and stories what its about, sometimes fish tale stories. Some will state that this and that is the right thing to do, the school's will try to sell you their product and it's easy to become blind of “Ohh boy, I wanna be a PILOT!”, without maybe considering all aspects beside the education itself.

Advices are great and please do get them. But just remember, the advice you get from anyone, though for sure given in good faith, it is either often based on that person's own preferences, defense of having made his/her own "right choice" or involvement in a related business like working for the school. And so is this website, based on my own preferences and experiences and advice from others that I have taken into consideration.

So besides basing your choice on facts and your own feelings for what feels right, take people's advice into consideration and be critical of what they say, with what background, and decide for yourself which way you want to become a pilot. There are hardly any two pilots who have chosen the exact same path to get their first pilot job.

And remember this about the schools: YOU are the customer, THEY are SELLING a product. DO NOT confuse a pilot school’s advice with public owned schools like Universities. They want to make a profit of your money, that's their living. Nothing more, nothing less. Some schools are more honest than others.

Notice: Some words or sentences are highlighted and colored blue. If you scroll down on each page, an explanation of the term is shown. This is to introduce you to some of the new "language" in aviation.

- I hope you find Pilot Education useful and wish you the best of luck in the future.


Best Regards;


John Martin Winther Andersen

Helicopter Pilot



JAA: Joint Aviation Authorities. An European constellation that recommend common laws for the European aviation, only recommendations but all European countries follow them more or less. These tasks will soon be taken over by a EU governmentally department that the countries in EU must follow, named EASA = European Aviation Safety Agency. More info on www.jaa.nl and www.easa.eu.int

FAA: Federal Aviation Administration. An American governmentally department of USA that sets the rules of aviation in USA. A similarly organization as the European EASA. More info on www.faa.gov Commercial: Means that the pilot who has a commercial certificate can require a full payment for the flight and take the passengers to a destination without returning them to the departing airport. Opposite a Private certificate, where the pilot can not require a full payment for the entire flight, only request the passengers to share the actual expenses of the flight and the passengers have to return with the pilot to the departing airport and they have to be known people of the pilot.