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One last important thing to think about is insurance.

You need to get a LOL insurance if you want to make sure not to lose a lot of money in case your health can not bring you through your education and get you started in your new career. You may think that you are in good health and there has never been anything previously wrong. But I have one good example that tells you the necessity of it.

A pilot student was in town for a fun night. Out of nowhere he was attacked by an unknown bully on the street and suffered permanent tinnitus. His medical certificate was withdrawn permanently and he can never become a pilot. His LOL insurance paid out the expenses the student had so far. If he had no LOL, he would have been left owing a lot of money today for nothing.

There are different insurance companies that offer these insurances. Do not just obtian the first one you find, because some really offer a lot better terms than others. Some only cover you while you are attending school and when you finish the insurance is terminated. Other policies cover you both during and after the education process and might have more attractive terms. You are at the same risk of loosing your medical certificate during your education as after graduation.