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Hi there and welcome to madman.dk.

So who am I ? - Well, I think just an ordinary Danish man that after some 9 years in the computer business selling hardware, decided in the year 2002 it was too boring and stressful in the long run and things had to be changed. So I changed career, in my case into aviation. A choice I've never regretted and I bet I never will.

Aviation: Oh yes, the business where you only work twice a week and earn the same per month as a worker earns per year ........ and if you believe that, I got a moon up for sale.

Anyway - this is the section I thought I would write a few words about myself. I'm in my thirties and entered a few years ago a new great career as a helicopter pilot, that hopefully will bring me many new experiences and joys, I later in life can reflect on as an old man sitting in a rocking chair and smile at.

Of other interest and hobbies beside aviation itself, horses and photography must be my major interests. Been riding pretty much my entire childhood due to a horse-fanatic family, where only a brother and a dad is left. I have had some of my best experiences on and with horses.

Photography caught my attention when I wanted to take pictures of my hobby, soaring, something I started back in the year 2000. A hobby I started because I needed something else other than work, work, work - back then I worked some +70 hours a week in the end of my old career. And soaring inspired me and brought me to where I am now.


The nickname "madman"

Just to explain the nickname "madman". I am no madman. Well, some will probably disagree with me on that devil - But the nickname started many years ago when I had to play a computer game with some friends and a nickname was needed. Since the game was all about crossing the finish line first in a car no matter what means, for some reason I thought about Mel Gibson racing in the desert in the movie "MadMax". So reflecting on that, what else than "madman" could I call myself.

And when I later joined my first pilot forum, again a nickname was needed. Not thinking much about it, I typed in "madman". And ever since has this nickname followed me, or should I say haunted me.

For flight planning purposes, my pilot name is MAN. Don't wanna scare off passengers, because their pilot is listed as "madman". wink


Why this website ?

I constructed this website to have a place to upload my many pictures that I love to take - and some video's as well.

Also to have a place where my family and friends can see what is happening in my life and having a place in common for me and the rest of my family to remember our past, because we have been scattered around.

Beside the pictures, I am developing a section called Pilot Education. If you intend to become a pilot, take a look at that section. I think there are some good stuff there.

Well, I hope you will enjoy this website. If you got any questions or comments, you can contact me with the link found on top of this website. Take care and keep those rotors spinning. cool


My Very Best Regards;

John Martin Winther Andersen